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Just think how awesome would that be when 80 years old, you’ll be recollecting your photos, where you’re lifting 700 lbs!

After mastering an obvious first step in any cross fitters experience – the hard dieting, you are probably ready for step 2. We know how exhausting it was, drinking all these “Gluten Free Protein Shakes” and all the organic food for clean eat you could have possibly found…Next step is to jump on back squats train and be inside the “cool crew” of your fitness club, eh?

But now you will have to brace yourself for high loads. Like “Smolov” or “High Performance” 225lb back squats….Because just simply wearing a hip t-shirt with “No pain, no gain” inscription is NOT enough to be a pro…

You are still a noob!

And first off you will need to scale down your self-confidence! That is because working out in CrossFit for a couple of months and wearing a t-shirt with something fitness-related written on it does NOT make you a professional. Anyone in the sports industry will tell you, that at least 5 years of consecutive daily workouts are required in order to be bestowed a title of a pro!

Now, it might get you by surprise, but a 225lb Back Squat is only a proof of that statement; after all, it’s just 225lb.

Though, don’t get me wrong, novices

CrossFit is not a sport, exclusive only to pros. Thus, nothing should be stopping a noob, who wants to prove himself with decent sports results as well as measure his strength and shape. My noble goal is just to decrease the likeliness of “Epic CrossFit Fails” videos popping up on YouTube.

So, approaching CrossFit with a well thought and responsible way of analysis, all CrossFit community and individual athletes can benefit more!


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